Money education and advice for anyone who wants to get money confident.

Money A+E is an award-winning social enterprise that provides money advice & educational services to disadvantaged groups and Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC).


We recruit our beneficiaries as staff and volunteers, meaning that our services are based around lived experience and empathetic peer support.

In the Press

Read coverage of Money A+E's response to the coronavirus crisis in  the Guardian  and the Newham Recorder.

Debt advice can help us through


With job loss is a very real concern for many of us, Ruth* shares her experience of redundancy and debt in 2016.

Find out what she wishes she'd known at the time, and where to find support.

Can personal finance education help to manage anxiety?

With many of us under increased financial pressures due to Covid, it's ok not to feel ok about money.

We teamed up with Thrive Ldn and Healthy London Partnership to share advice on getting your finances under control, whatever your income.

Personal finance as a new migrant: read Elira's story

When Elira* and her family first arrived in the UK, they encountered many barriers to finding work and struggled to cover basic expenses.


She has since rebuilt her finances and her mental health - and rekindled her dream of a teaching career.

Read Elira's story.

To everyone who feels lost I would advise to ask for help, there is always a solution and an open door for them.

- Elira

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Support the most vulnerable at this unprecedented time.

We are still seeing record demand for our money Advice service, and for our crisis grants to cover household expenses.

News and Blog

How has Covid-19 

impacted our finances? 

Our service users are sharing their Covid-19 money stories as part of new research into the crisis' impact on finances.


The study, looking at long-term prosperity among Diverse Ethnic Communities (BAME), is being led by Dr Chris Harker at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


These are some preliminary findings from the team. 

We are a member of the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

The Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP) is a partnership of businesses, civil society and government that are working together to solve some of society’s toughest challenges, to help all communities and everyone within them feel they belong to and can participate in the UK economy.

Social Enterprise Futures 2020 Roll of Honour for outstanding response to Covid-19

PWC Building Public Trust Award 2019 

for Reporting in Social Enterprise

Inclusive Economy Partnership Grant 

for innovation in Financial Inclusion and Capability

AQS accreditation

for high standard of our service

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