Aisha Johnson
Money A+E Trainer / Co-ordinator

"Without looking after the pennies the pounds are in danger!"

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Hello, my name is Aisha, I am 38 years old.  I came across Money A+E after volunteering in my community for 6 -7 months.  I enjoyed very much working with the community so wanted to see if I could get paid for doing this?

I needed to increase my monthly income.  Money A+E increases the confidence of individuals and communities.  They target B.A.M.E. and disadvantaged communities.  This was really attractive to me as these statistics of success stories often go under the radar. 

Five years ago I went through financial hardship which led to a period of depression.  I never thought I would find myself in a situation where I felt so bad because of money.  Without money management it can be hard to live, especially if friends and family are unable to help.

In my early twenty’s I secured investment properties but I did not have an exit strategy or what would happen if hard times fell on me.  Which they did, I lost my job and had no insurance for maintenance of my investments. 

Consequently after temping I realised the path paved with gold that was sold to me could be so far from true. I unfortunately lost my investments after a period of unemployment.  I realised I had not had essential things in place to cover myself in the worst case scenario, I just always thought I would be in a job. This had been such a secure market and there was no real media warning of the recession.  I decided to look at things from a different angle and managed to use my own financial skills to turn my one remaining investment property into a pension fund.   

Money A+E is helping me look at all amounts of money the small and the big.  Without looking after the pennies the pounds are in danger!

I am also concentrating on a money diary which helps me with managing the budget for my home that I am in now. 

Money A+E has seen an increase of 92 - 95% in financial confidence and wellbeing. Wellbeing through having that little bit extra to spend helps all people to see that there is nothing wrong with chasing a dream but if organised and prepared then the worst can be prevented from happening.