Nadine Tchaho
Money A+E Trainer / Co-ordinator

"Money A&E were great! They changed my life! They are the best!"

Hi my name is Nadine. I had experienced debt two years ago and I also received help from Money A+E. 


I was in arrears with rents and utilities bills. It starting to wear me down into a depression. That was until I was sent to a course on Money Management by my housing provider delivered by Money A+E.
The financial education provided was a real stepping stone. I felt empowered by the knowledge I gained. I took what I had learned and put into practice the tools and resources given. Until today it's my code of practice.
After that I volunteered on the Money A+E Money Mentoring programme which helped me to help others establish and achieve their Money Goals. As a mentor, I supported my mentee to achieve her targets of paying her areas, learning how to budget and put aside some money to achieve her short and long term money goals.
Moreover I have now taken up an opportunity offered by Money A+E to further develop and work as a Money A+E Co-ordintaor delivering freelance training, as well as developing and coordinating programmes. I now help create financial education programmes based on my own experience enabling me to help people that are in a similar situation that I was in.
Money A+E gave me a foundation of skills, knowledge and confidence to impact other people lives through Money advice and education services.
I feel a real sense of accomplishment helping others to progress through their financial turmoil and develop resilience non only in monetary value but in all aspect of their lives.