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Nadine Tchaho
Anna Rogers
Specialist Money Coach / Supervisor

"I chose to work in money advice because I like the focus on local community."

07596 956075

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a Money Coach at Money A+E. I support people in the community with advice on debt, benefits and money management.

I first started working in money advice back in 2004, when I joined Citizens Advice (CA). In my role as an Advice Supervisor I was responsible for the quality of advice given to clients, and for managing a 25-strong volunteer team. I also received my training at CA, specialising in debt and welfare benefits.

I chose to work in money advice because I like the ethos and the focus on local community. I have also experienced financial difficulties myself, being out of paid employment.


I like working for Money A+E in particular because as well as advice, they provide financial education and training. That means that people are supported to find long-term, sustainable solutions to their money issues and not just be stuck in a ‘revolving door’ of recurring financial crisis.

Before working in money advice I was a freelance interpreter (my first language is Polish), translated several books and work for various TV production companies. Outside of work I enjoy playing competitive bridge and swimming.

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