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At Money A+E we believe that a greater understanding of money through advice and education transforms lives.

Our mission is to empower individuals by providing accessible, independent, and effective money advice and education


Innovative... We create new ways to reach more people. We are paving new ways, disrupting the status-quo in the sector.

Community-led...  We are able to reach people in disadvantaged and ethnically diverse communities. We have a scalable model of advice and education (prevention and cure).


Track-record...  We are dependable, will achieve what we say we will, can demonstrate impact, are low-risk and credible.


Our programmes have been proven to increase financial confidence through independent evaluation.

  • We build trusted relationships with Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) & disadvantaged communities. We serve socially excluded groups and young people.

  • We train and recruit our beneficiaries because lived experience helps to multiply our social impact.

  • We tailor our services to the needs of the communities & institutions we work with.


We believe the following values underpin our work: 

  • Expertise

  • Empathetic

  • Community-led

  • Innovative

  • Flexible

  • Empowering

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The term Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) refers to any and all ethnic communities.

We prefer to avoid terminology that uses colour to describe people, as this is not always accurate. We also prefer to avoid using continents to describe people, as this may group many culturally disparate people together. We believe that both of these options can lead to inaccurate labelling and stereotyping of people and communities. 

We commit instead to describing people using their chosen nationality and/or country of origin wherever possible. We believe that this is more accurate and more respectful towards everyone with whom we work at Money A+E.

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