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We would love to take the time to talk to you further about any or of our services or courses.

If you want to be involved, help volunteer or just want some advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you need debt, benefits or money advice click here. 

For all other enquiries, please complete the form below or contact our friendly team.

For General enquiries:


Phone: 0208 616 3750 

or send us a message:

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Contact Greg Ashby

Director of Operations and Co-Founder

Tel: 0208 616 3750


Contact Jerry During

CEO & Co-Founder

Tel: 0208 616 3750

Mob: 07949186587


Money workshops and courses

Contact Frederick Limbaya

Tel: 0208 616 3750

Mob: 07898 654428


Money Coach (advice) service

Contact Anna Rogers

Tel: 0208 616 3750

Mob: 07596 956075


Press and media enquiries

Contact Suzy Kirby

Tel: 0208 616 3750

Mob: 07514 937474


Main Office Address

School 360, 5 Sugar House Lane, London E15 2QS

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