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Money Workshops

Our Money Education workshops enable attendees to identify, set and achieve personal money goals, as well as improve and employ money management skills.

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people attended our financial confidence workshops last year

felt more equipped to deal with welfare reform change

reported an increase in financial confidence and wellbeing

I loved the budgeting sheet that we did, I’ve always wanted to do that for myself for a long time, but I never really had the confidence. The session really helped and I know exactly what to do now… Thank you.

Sabina Khan

Social Housing Tenant in Lambeth

We’ve actually had some interest already from people asking if we’ll be holding another session so I think we’d certainly be interested in doing more.

Peter Adams

Community Investment Officer

Financial education training sessions underpin our one-to-one debt advice but can also be delivered as a stand-alone preventative approach aimed at enabling tenants to understand and commit to their financial responsibilities.

Investment Team

Metropolitan Housing Community

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Resident’s feedback on workshop

Community trainer Frederick asks Sabina Khan (Lambeth social housing resident) why she attended the Money Know How workshop at St Luke’s Hub, as well as what financial knowledge and confidence she will take from it.

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