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Our Story

Money A+E was founded in 2011 by 3 money advisers (Greg, Jerry & Farah) who were passionate about providing holistic Money Advice & Education to people in the local community.

With Tim Hall at the Times Higher Awards

Jerry During
Jerry During
CEO & Co-Founder
Hi I’m Jerry During and I grew up and live in Newham, East London. I am 37 and a father. My passions have always been around learning, advice and money.  


When I was 16 I had my first encounter with a money issue. My father amassed large amounts of debt due to spending on credit to maintain house hold bills after being made redundant. There was lots stress and tension in my family home and my parents talked about separating and there was the threat of the bank repossessing our home.

My father says two things supported him at that time and that was the family support that he received from us and the support from a charity expert in providing debt support and a strategy to resolve his issues.

This had a massive influence on me and I went into money advice supporting people with money challenges working in Law firms and advice charities supporting other to overcome money issues.

Greg Ashby

Hi, my name is Greg. I grew up in the London borough of Newham. 

My passion is to help people take a step towards a better financial life and to be a creative entrepreneur.


I worked as a self-employed market trader in my 20’s. My first serious experience of financial crisis was when my small business failed and I was left with thousands of pounds of personal debt. This put a great amount of pressure on me and affected my family.


I came close to declaring bankruptcy, but a subtle voice inside of me keep saying “don’t do it, as you will be involved in a business again one day”.


Years later, here I am with Money A+E. During this journey I got debt advice, took control of my finances and even became a qualified money adviser, helping more than 500 over a 6 year span. Today I am optimistic and confident that through Money A+E, lives can be transformed through the provision of money advice and education to disadvantaged communities.

Greg Ashby
COO & Co-Founder
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