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Our services

Invest time in people... We provide people with the best advice and solutions. We make you feel listened to and valued. We believe in communities and aim to strengthen their financial resilience through our services:

We enable attendees to identify, set and achieve personal money goals & enhance money management skills.
We deliver a peer to peer OCN London qualification and ASDAN customised accredited  programme for adults in the community.
We deliver a peer to peer OCN London qualification and ASDAN customised accredited programme that trains students from schools, colleges and universities to teach their peers about essential life skills for successfully managing money
We train frontline staff and volunteers to provide money tips and signposting support to their peers within the local community.
We provide one to one debt, benefits and money guidance support sessions to people in the local community.
This service connects local small business start-ups with skilled community volunteers.

Empathetic...  We have experienced similar challenges and so understand your point of view and can therefore make better suggestions on options available to you. Our support is beyond advice and education - we provide hope trust and inspiration.

Knowledgeable...  So we can provide the benefit of shared experience. We offer solutions as well as choices. We know what we’re talking about.

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