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Money Mentors School 

Money Mentors School is a OCN London qualification and ASDAN customised accredited programme that trains students from schools, colleges and universities to teach their peers about essential life skills for successfully managing money.

Teacher's feedback on Programme

"Whoever said financial education wasn't fun? London Citizens Money Mentors reached 1500, 14 to 17 year olds in the 3 weeks of July 2011"

> 2850



students knew more about university finance after the session

teachers rated the day as good to excellent

students in London schools have been reached by Money Mentors

The programme was a Times Higher Education Awards finalist for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community’ an award given for innovative university engagement programmes which enable students to gain invaluable work experience whilst supporting the local community.

Times Higher Education Awards 2015

We had to deal with large numbers of students in a day I was working out of my comfort’s zone. The training and guidance that we received from Money A+E meant that we were well prepared as a team and as individuals for the work we undertook in the schools.

Elizabeth Wanjike

University of East London, Money Mentor 2014

The Money Mentors provided a day that went really well. All the Mentors delivered short informative and exciting workshops and there was great enthusiasm from all of the students involved.

Fiona Wilbraham

Head of Sixth Form, Holy Family School - Waltham Forest

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