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Fredrick Limbaya
Esther Iyobebe
Money A+E Trainer / Co-ordinator

"Since joining the team my money mind-set has totally evolved."

Hi! My name is Esther I’m a Coordinator/Trainer at Money A+E and as part of the Education team I deliver money skills workshops.


I have always had a passion in developing new avenues to explore the potential of lifelong learning. In 2000 I started my journey as a freelance consultant; project manager and workshop facilitator, designing programs in partnership with others to provide activities that ‘encourages communities to harness opportunities’. I am now a qualified NLP Life Coach, a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs and an Exceptional Community Champion Award Winner. Previously my employment history was in the fields of law, youth and community regeneration and social housing development. I have worked within and alongside some amazing people, organisations and creative partnerships where I acquired a wealth of practical hands on experience; valuable knowledge and transferable skills.


Since joining the team I have completed the Money A+E Money Mentors programme and my ‘money mind-set’ has totally evolved. I think differently now about how, where, when and why I spend money and am growing in confidence with budgeting and balancing my income and expenditure. Over the years I have experienced many challenges with my personal finances. I am learning so much more about better money management and with the support of Money Coaches have moved to the next level in terms of putting my financial house in order.


Utilising my abilities, skills and knowledge to support others learn how to budget better in handling priority debts and coping with money issues is enormously satisfying. As a trainer I also find it rewarding to be able to share my lived life experiences to empathise with others and explore how to move forward when things do not look the way they might want it to be financially. It’s so exciting to see first-hand the life changing results our training and money mentoring programs have in building up the financial literacy, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth of the young people, adults and communities we engage with.

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