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Fredrick Limbaya
Fredrick Limbaya
Money A+E Trainer /  Co-ordinator

"Since joining Money A&E my confidence and financial skills have grown"

07514 849882

My name is Frederick Limbaya, I’m married and I am passionate about helping people and families with financial issues. 

My money challenges began in 2009, I was living in my overdraft and my money was constantly running out before my next pay day, this meant that my was getting out of control.

I decided that I needed to stop this re-occurring problem from continuing. I searched around, got guidance and started to budget monthly. I used tools that helped me keep track of my money and take control.

I started volunteering as a Money Mentor with Money A+E to help support people in the community. Since volunteering 2 years ago Money A+E has helped me develop in two ways:


  • In getting access to training opportunities to build up my own skills and experience for supporting individuals.


  • To be a better teacher. I work as a Co-ordinator with Money A+E delivering programmes and supporting volunteers so they can help their peers and their local communities to managing money well and achieve their money goals.

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