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Jobs & Volunteering

Money A+E is young and growing social enterprise. Why not consider working or volunteering with us?

We are always looking for passion, skills, talent and most importantly people who can understand and empathise with the difficulties that money challenges can have on a person's life.

Job Posts

Volunteering Posts

  • Public Relations Volunteer

Do you have good communication skills with some experience of working in public relations?

  • Digital Marketing Volunteer

Do you have knowledge of social media and could you use these skills to help promote Money A+E online?

PR Volunteer

Role description 

Digital Marketing Volunteer

Role description

  • Project Support Volunteer

Do you have good administrative and communication skills, are you a team player?

  • Trainee Money Coach Volunteer

Do you have a passion to give people advice and support to deal with their money problems?

Project Support Volunteer

Role description 

Trainee Money Coach Volunteer

Role description

Advisory Board Members

Must have experience in the following areas:

  • Education Sector / Financial Inclusion Sector / Human Resources  

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