Gaining confidence, saving money: Money Mentors

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A crucial life skill that we are rarely taught – that’s money management. It’s little wonder that finances are a source of stress and anxiety for so many of us.

The Money Mentors course aims to flip this script, and will teach you lasting financial confidence and resilience.

On a Money Mentors course you can expect to:

  • Grow in confidence – the message we hear time and again from our students is: gaining control of their finances gives them a confidence that spreads across other areas of their lives.

  • Make gains of £500+ on average – and £644 is our record to beat. Our expert coaches will support you to do this by maximizing income and minimizing expenditure.

  • Empower family and community – you can experience the satisfaction of changing the lives of those around you. You will be able to support others with the knowledge that you gain.

  • Gain qualifications and employability – the course is equivalent to GCSE Level 1-2, and can provide references and volunteering opportunities. Move on up!

The programme is delivered by course leaders who have themselves faced money challenges – and so understand your point of view.

Look out for the Money A+E Mentors course at your local private, public or community organisation, or suggest that they book the course here!