Financial Literacy at 16? A look inside Money A+E's workshops in schools

Money A+E's workshops don't just give the next generation of young adults the budgeting skills and financial education they need. More than that: the schools programme instils the confidence and leadership skills required for success.

Learn how the challenge of delivering a presentation to peers, with guidance from inspirational course leaders, has driven students' personal growth.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a course of workshops, contact Jerry During, Director of Services:

Or call 0208 6163750

About Money A+E

Money A+E is an award winning social enterprise that provides money advice & educational services to 

BAME (Black, Asian, 

minority ethnic) 


communities. This is achieved through 1-to-1 advice, workshops, mentoring programmes and bespoke training.  

Feel in control of your money.

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