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How the Kickstart Scheme is shaping my career and why working for Money A+E was the right choice.

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

My name is Wiktoria, and I am a Marketing & Communications Trainee at Money A+E. I joined the Team through the Kickstart Scheme in October 2021.

I believe that young people are in desperate need of work opportunities to develop relevant skills for their chosen industry. But also other important skills such as teamwork, leadership, and navigating a conflict.

Working for Money A+E through the Kickstart Scheme means that while I'm getting real-life experience, I'm also receiving high-quality training in marketing, communications, and employability.

So what are the advantages of working for Money A+E?

I spoke with my colleague Mustakim, who joined the Education Team through the Kickstart Scheme, and we agreed that we both never expected to be so warmly welcomed in the Team. In our previous jobs, we did not feel valued and cared for as much as now.

I also never expected anyone at my workplace to sincerely ask about my wellbeing and mental health. That has made me feel much less stressed. Now I know that I can turn to Suzy, my Supervisor and Marketing & Communication Lead if I am overwhelmed. I believe that it should be standard practice everywhere.

It is easy to develop unhealthy work habits at the start of a career, such as stress leading to burnout, lack of motivation, or overworking. I am confident that everyone at Money A+E promotes a healthy work-life balance.

But, it is not only that. Working for an employer that pays the Living Wage sets me up for a better future right at the beginning of my career. It is important because I feel valued for my work and less anxious about paying my bills. It also motivates me and allows me to work for Money A+E long-term.

Now, meet other Trainees under the Kickstart Scheme!

This is Abida. She recently joined our Team as a Project/Admin Support Trainee.

This is Mustakim. He supports our Education Team as a Money Mentor Trainee.

But, does the Kickstart Scheme benefit only young people?

Gregory Ashby, Director of Operations & Co-Founder said:

“As a small not-for-profit, resource and capacity are often an ongoing challenge. The Kickstart scheme has helped to mitigate some of that challenge by boosting capacity and helping the organisation to meet the demand for more services.”

Other Team Leaders also see the positive effect the Scheme has had on the organisation. Increased capacity to support Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) and disadvantaged groups have been taking the pressure off of the Team. But, what is most important is that now, we are also able to respond to queries much quicker. People often turn to us needing immediate help. Getting back to them as fast as possible has always been our priority, and Kickstarters have helped us reach that goal.

Suzy Kirby, Marketing & Communications Lead said:

"We know that the UK is facing a youth unemployment crisis [...] At Money A+E, we want to ensure that all young people have access to employability and interview skills, to confidence, and to the networks and the connections that they need to progress their careers to the next level. The Kickstart Scheme has been a really important part of that upskilling work for us."

Watch Suzy, sharing her experience with the Kickstart Scheme.

Money A+E is actively involved in upskilling Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC), disadvantaged groups, and young people with money advice and education. Apart from giving young adults the opportunity to get a real-life working experience through the Kickstart Scheme, the organisation is also delivering Money Mentors Schools programme. It is an OCN London qualification and ASDAN customised accredited programme that trains students from schools, colleges and universities to teach their peers about essential life skills for successfully managing money.

In 2021 Money A+E won PwC's Building Public Trust Awards in Upskilling Reporting.


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