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My PIP Claim Took 3 Years!

Aaliya's Story

The past seven years have been incredibly difficult. Debilitating health issues, a nerve condition and a constant bleeding problem that doctors struggled to treat, forced me to stop working. My husband, the breadwinner of the family, had to cut back to part-time work, which caused a lot of financial strain. COVID and the rising cost of living didn't help either. 

On top of everything, the benefits system was incredibly complex and stressful. The PIP application process was a nightmare. The forms were long and confusing, especially because English is not my first language. I tried my best to fill them out, but my application was denied twice. Feeling helpless and alone, I knew I needed help navigating this difficult system. 

Desperate for support with my third PIP appeal, I looked for legal representation. I found legal companies willing to help with my application, but they all charged a fee - which I simply couldn't afford. With only three days left before my court hearing, I called everywhere I could for help. Finally, I got Money A+E's number, I think it was from either the MP's office, Citizens Advice, or the Job Center. That's when things started to turn around. 

Money A+E took on my case for free, unlike all those other legal representatives who wanted money upfront. "I don't have the words to describe how amazing Paul at Money A+E was," he’s like an angel! There are so many people out there who need this kind of help, especially those who struggle with English like me. Paul helped me present my case clearly, and after three long years, my application was finally successful! 

I now receive £72.65 a week from PIP and was given a backdated payment of £3,000! Now, with a steady income from PIP, I can afford the essentials for myself and my family. But more importantly, Money A+E's support lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. All that worry used to make me grind my teeth at night. Now, I feel so much more confident, and my stress levels have reduced immensely. 

People like Paul and Money A+E are essential for those of us who are struggling physically and mentally. He listens patiently, which boosts your confidence, and he fights for you when you can't fight for yourself. 

Paul has also been amazing in helping me complete a health assessment form, and we're currently waiting for the decision. Having Money A+E on my side makes a big difference. Before, when I tried applying for benefits in the past, I was treated like a criminal and constantly bombarded with questions. It was overwhelming and stressful. Now, with Paul by my side, I feel so much more confident. If my application gets denied, I know he'll fight for a proper explanation and get things resolved quickly. In the past, when I questioned these decisions, it felt like my concerns were completely ignored. 

I've also experienced discrimination during these processes. Just because I wear a hijab, some people seem to think I don't understand anything and don't deserve respect. It felt like torture dealing with them. 

That's why I want to tell others: don't give up, even though the system is difficult. There is help out there! I was lucky enough to find Money A+E and Paul. If you feel like you're on your knees, they will help you stand up again. We need more organizations like them, especially for people who struggle with English. 

I encourage everyone to reach out to them for support. They don't charge a penny, unlike some others. 

I see so many women outside the Job Centre crying because their lives are in the hands of these advisors. People desperately need this kind of support. 

Money A+E is here to support people like Aaliya who are struggling with complex financial challenges. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


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