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Why I support Money A+E: Michael O'Brien, Home of Mortgages CEO

One of Money A+E's amazing supporters is Michael O’Brien, CEO of Home of Mortgages in Romford. He shares why his team decided to donate to Money A+E – and why he personally decided to cycle from London to Southend in support of our Cost of Living Appeal!

Michael (centre) on his London to Southend bike ride for Money A+E

How would you describe the work of Money A+E?

Money A+E provide an invaluable service supporting people with financial education, and for those with an immediate need, direct financial support. With the rising cost of living, your service becomes even more essential.

Why did you decide to donate to Money A+E?

I share with Money A+E in the belief that people need support with financial education. Over my last 20 years in providing financial advice, I have seen many people prosper given the right financial advice.

I believe a lot more people would make better life decisions given a solid understanding of the financial system at a younger age.

Can you tell us a bit about Home of Mortgages?

Home of Mortgages provides mortgage and financial protection advice to UK homeowners. I started the company in 2013, originally providing advice based in estate agency offices, and now we have advisers based all over the country.

We believe that the more people understand about financial products and are educated on the options available to them, the better financial choices they are able to make.

Michael (left) with Money A+E CEO Jerry During

What trends have you been seeing in your industry recently?

With the intention of trying to bring inflation under control, the Bank of England have been increasing interest rates over the course of this year, and they are expected to continue to rise in the coming months. This has pushed up the cost of borrowing which has created more of a need for professional advice.

How do you see the relationship between Home of Mortgages and Money A+E developing?

I would like to be in a position to continue to support Money A+E in whatever way I can.

We thank Michael and the Home of Mortgages team for their valued support. You can find Michael’s fundraiser here.


As the Cost of Living Crisis hits low income households incredibly hard, Money A+E’s services have experienced an unprecedented surge in demand, with our most vulnerable clients struggling to stay afloat.

Money A+E’s partners and supporters are helping us to provide life-changing money advice and education during these difficult times. Your generosity also funds our emergency grants, allowing households in the most severe need to cover basic costs, like energy bills and food.


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