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Rose Hood
Rosie Leach
Specialist Money Coach / Supervisor
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"I am happy to work with Money A+E"

07936 005774

Hi, my name is Rosie and I started work as a Specialist Money Coach with Money A + E in April 2019 after moving to London from Wales.

I first trained as a Money Adviser in 2015, when I began work with the charity Advice Mid Wales, in the small town of Machynlleth, following a dip in my income from freelance arts and research work.  With AMW I supported people in debt or financial hardship to increase their income, reduce expenditure and manage their debts sustainably.  I also regained a handle on my own finances and learnt to manage my budget better.  I enjoy the challenge of helping people find ways to improve their situation and sense of wellbeing through money advice and coaching.

After two years with Advice Mid Wales, I moved to the Welsh Refugee Council, where I coordinated a programme of arts classes and workshops with community groups in four locations around Wales.  I have also worked as a theatre producer, creative education practitioner, community gardener, and social researcher. Running through all my work and volunteering is an interest in social justice, ecological sustainability, and building communities that support people’s health and wellbeing.

I am happy to work with Money A+E because of the way they combine one-to-one Money Coaching with Money Mentoring and Education programmes in communities and schools; they support people to gain confidence around their own finances and then to pass expertise and skills on to others in their communities and beyond.

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