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Nadine Tchaho
Samantha Limbaya
Money A+E Apprenticeship Trainee
Samantha Limbaya.jpeg

"I love the service & support that Money A+E offers the community."

Hi, my name is Samantha Limbaya and I am a Trainee Apprentice at Money A+E, working across three departments: Project Support, Money Coach and Training. I am happy and excited to have joined the team, as I love the service & support that Money A+E offers the community in developing their money skills and debt management.  


My professional background is varied in retail, the arts and running my own business. I think this is an advantage as I have a varied skill set to pull on, as well as being experienced in interacting with a diverse range of people. 


Like many others I have had experience with debt. I had an overdraft with my bank which was difficult to make the repayments on and fully pay off the debt, as I wasn’t aware of the interest charges (APR). At Money A+E I was able to learn and understand financial terms and how they apply to borrowing and general money matters. 


In addition to this, I have received further training from Money A+E on how to budget and set money goals. I found the training to be very informative, practical and easy to apply to my personal finances. I have continued to implement the things that I learnt at the workshop, seeing the difference the knowledge has made to me.  


I applaud the fact Money A+E seeks to empower, educate and through multiple initiatives, train people on how to manage money and make better choices where their finances are concerned. 

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