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Nadine Tchaho
Tanzila Zaman
Digital Money Mentor Volunteer
Tanzila Samy_edited_edited.jpg

"I would like to show my gratitude towards Money A+E "

My name is Tanzila Zaman, I am married and mum of a 8 year old son.

I am passionate about community development through inspiration, education and empowerment.

It has been more than two years and I cannot stop myself from loving Money A+E for it’s amazing initiatives for the community, especially for the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic society. I received amazing training by attending their Money Workshops, where I discovered myself in a new way about money relation to my life! 

Now I am confident to inspire and educate others through my online and offline money mentoring sessions. I would like to show my gratitude towards Money A+E for giving me the opportunity as a volunteer, where I feel joy and satisfy myself to make my passion a reality.  

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