Money A+E is an award winning social enterprise that provides money advice & educational services to BAME (Black, Asian, minority ethnic) & disadvantaged communities.This is achieved through 1-to-1 advice, workshops, mentoring programmes and bespoke training.  

  Through our services people:

  • increase their understanding & ability to manage money

  • sustain tenancies & avoid homelessness

  • reduce stress & improve wellbeing

  • grow in confidence & believe in a better future

I came to your service not knowing what to do. I came out feeling a lot better. There was support that you could provide me with and lots of useful information I did not know before….Your help has been unbelievable.

Barbara Maddix

Lambeth resident

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PWC Building Public Trust Award 2019 for Reporting in Social Enterprise

Inclusive Economy Partnership Grant for innovation in Financial Inclusion and Capability

Unltd Star People Award for increasing the financial resilience of residents from the most economically deprived wards in the country

AQS accreditation

for high standard of our service

Our services include:
Money Workshops
Community Mentors​
School Mentors
Money Champions
Money Coaches
Business Mentors
Martin Lewis supports Money A+E

at Money Mentors Graduation 2019 #MoneyMentorsLdn