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Financial education 101. Money Mentors Schools for the financial freedom of the next generation.

Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 students in the UK aged 16 to 24 reported that they never received a solid financial education? At Money A+E, we believe that this needs to change.

Financial literacy allows us not only to budget daily spendings or manage debt but also provides us with tools to make better financial decisions for the future.

Money Mentors Schools is an OCN London qualification, and ASDAN customised accredited programme providing students with a full spectrum of skills for understanding their future finances. This community-led course is proven not only to boost financial confidence but also builds leadership skills. Our trainers and coaches had experienced similar challenges, and now they share their real-life financial journey. They support young people every step of the way.

Through learning these essential life skills students receive a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to a GCSE at grades A*-C) for successful completion of the course.

“Beneficial for me and my entire life.”

“Very supportive course.”

“After the course, people will understand how to manage their money better.”

“I enjoyed all the opportunities that the students had to learn and the opportunities that I had to learn myself. I really liked being able to take part.” - Ms Soon, School 21

Click here to book this programme for your school or university and help grow our community of more than 2850 students with the Schools Mentors course.

We strive to reach more young people from disadvantaged and ethically diverse communities to help them with their financial education. Hence, we work directly with corporates. It allows students to receive the best employability and careers advice from market leaders.

If you want to know how we provide employability mentoring for students click here to read about our volunteer programme or contact us on 0208 6163750 / to become our partner.

We would like to thank School 21 for participating in our video.

Simon at No Input Productions created this video.



About Money A+E


Money A+E is an award winning social enterprise that provides money advice & educational services to 

Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) 


communities. This is achieved through 1-to-1 advice, workshops, mentoring programmes and bespoke training.  

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