Finding your ‘Why’: a different kind of careers advice

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

What comes to mind when you think of school careers advice? Filling in a questionnaire and being told which jobs were suitable for you by someone else?

Not so for a group of students from BSix College in Hackney!

They got to experience an altogether different form of careers advice when they spent the day at the ‘Future Ready’ programme run by tech company Salesforce, and arranged by Money A+E.

They had already gained budgeting skills crucial for the next phase of their lives, having recently completed the Money A+E Schools Mentors course.

Many of the students are from socially excluded backgrounds, and their teachers along with Money A+E are committed to providing them all the skills they need for success. Their visit to Salesforce, in the heart of the City of London, formed another pillar in this process.

BSix students' values

Start by looking inwards

The programme leaders, Morgan and Alastair, first explained the ‘why, how, what’ approach that has gone a long way towards Salesforce’s success. They believe that it is also the blueprint for building a career and a contented life.

First up for the students was to look inwards and identify their values. This was their ‘why’ – and the responses took in loyalty, belonging, truth-seeking, justice and love.

The next challenge was to match these values to their professional and personal goals – their ‘vision’ or their ‘how’. As Alastair put it, ‘For every little bit of your vision, just say, ‘Why? Why do I want that?’

Good intentions are turned into a reality with the final ‘what’ of the equation. The students were asked to think carefully about the specific actions they need to take to achieve their visions, at this defining period of their lives.